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"I'll be happy t'fly with you! Hop on!" she said. The big, scaly carnivore laid on her belly in the floor to give her little friend the opportunity to climb on her back whenever he was ready, looking back with a warm smile and wings slightly unfurled.

Felix practically vibrated in excitement, as he pressed both palms to her back and threw a leg over. Once he was up, he wriggled into place, steadying himself with his hands. Glancing down, Felix wondered if the ride was a bumpy one.

"I-I’m…I’m ready!" 

i’m just so…so…cross with you!


We’re doing a sequel


Insert a coin and choose your player.

He did it cuz an alt of you tortured him and stuff

It takes him a moment to realize who they’re referring to.

"Turbo? Alt of me?" 

He blinks, perplexed.



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Turb's gonna leave a note for felix: 'im sorry i freaked out i wont visit ever again'

For three whole nights, that note sat idly on his kitchen table, receiving nothing but hesitant glances and gentle nudges to the side. It muddled Felix. 

He’d visit him tonight if he could forget. He wanted to push it all away and start over, but no matter how hard he tried, it was much too difficult on his own. 

In a way, it’d all been reversed. Now Felix was the frightened one.

He’d never felt such pain in his life, and it wasn’t just the physical side of things. Turbo was his best friend…once before.

But friends didn’t point knives at friends. 

Nor did they use them on said friends. Just thinking about it gave Felix headaches. What was he to do but cry? 

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Felix looks on, frozen in place by her beauty. A smile stretched across his face, as he extends a hand for shaking.

"Ma’am," he chortles, "Hiya! I’m Fix-It Felix Jr., ah, aheh, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. See, my pal Turbo told me about you before."

i thought your color was blue

My colour?”

He glances down, and sure enough, he’s blue. He smiles mischievously and crosses his arms.

"Who says I can’t think outside the box? Meaning, of course, thinking like the Felix on the side of the box."


"Mmm! It tastes just like raisins!" 

Felix licks his lips.

"Yup! Definitely raisins!"

hay felix. whats your fave color


Blue smiled warmly and nodded. "Yeah. Fly. I was thinkin', if ya'd like, instead'a walkin', we could fly there. Whaddaya say?"

Felix couldn’t express his delight enough!

"That would be wonderful!" he admitted, beaming.


Just a cute lil’ Turbs doodle~